We want to do our bit in the fight against the current situation and foster people’s individual responsibility in the post-confinement stage as well.

We have developed an initiative that we want to share with all types of entities with communication power, that can get our message out there, thus helping to raise awareness so that everyone continues to protect themselves and we can put an end to this virus.

What does the initiative consist of?

We’ve created the hashtag #dontletyourguarddown, accompanied by a seal that the entities participating in the initiative can download for free and use on all types of communications: Packaging, Social Networks, TV, etc., to help pass on this social commitment and remind everyone of the everyday measures we need to continue taking.

Companies who support

What are these measures?


Wash your hands frequently.

This is the main rule to follow. Frequent hand washing with soap and water is the best way to keep the virus under control.


Clean the surface of products.

On non-porous surfaces, ideally use a clean cloth dipped in a solution of two tablespoons of bleach per litre of water. On porous surfaces, it’s best to remove the wrapper so as to not damage it. Fruits and vegetables should be washed under the tap and right before being consumed.


Maintain safe distancing.

A minimum of one and a half metres, ideally two. This allows us to put an end to the airborne spread of the virus or that permeates our clothes.

How can you join the initiative?

It’s very simple! By downloading our seal here, with no rights reserved and with unlimited use of any of its versions and formats, to be integrated into your preferred communication materials.

To make it easier to apply, we’ve provided the editable version of the seal (Illustrator) so that the colour can be customised, along with a small graphic-style support manual.

– Simplified version PNG / PDF / AI
– Extended version PNG / PDF / AI
– Graphic-style manual PDF

About Us

We’re the Little Buddha team, a branding and packaging agency that didn’t want to miss out on the chance to contribute to the solidarity revolution that is taking place, by doing what we do best: creating ideas and conveying them graphically to maximise their reach to different audiences.
And our audience has never been so large and global.

That’s why we’re asking for your participation: because we can’t and shouldn’t go at it alone. We appreciate the support of our agency, Little Buddha, as well as other collaborators who have put time and enthusiasm into this initiative.

Take very good care of yourself!
The Little Buddha team

Will you join the initiative?


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Need to print stickers with a certain seal design?

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